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  • Matt Allen Robinson

5 Tips to a Smooth Wedding Day

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

You want your wedding to be perfect...and stress free. Is it possible to have both? It is if you plan carefully and you are flexible.

Here are 5 Tips that have helped some of our clients avoid pitfalls.

  1. Keep things simple. Decide on a few things that are most important to you and plan to spend a little more for that special touch. You want live musicians but you're having an intimate wedding with a small number of guests? You may just need a solo violin or solo cello or a duo. That way you can afford that amazing photographer or you can spend more on flowers and decorations. During your music consultation you can ask us for suggestions on venues as well as wedding professionals like officiants. We are adding to our list of highly recommended vendors regularly.

  2. Learn to delegate. You can't do everything on that day. Even if you make a very scripted plan for the day, choose a trusted person to implement that plan and troubleshoot for you. It doesn't have to be a professional wedding planner. It can just be family friend that is very organized and can solve problems that arise and make sure everything happens as close to your plan as possible.

  3. Prepare for inclement weather. Any outside venue will need to have a back up location in case of rain. We are acutely aware of this problem as string musicians because our instruments are made of wood and can be damaged by even a little drizzle. Consider a canopy or umbrellas for your guests and the musicians as well as sound technicians if you are using amplification. Sometimes that is not even sufficient for safety. It is always best to have a back up indoor location ready just in case and ask your wedding coordinator to give directions to your guests and vendors in case of inclement weather.

  4. Learn to embrace the unexpected. As long as everyone is safe there are few things that really ruin a ceremony. Were the flowers a slightly different color than expected?Did the flower girl get "stage fright" and refuse to move? Sometimes those "accidents" make the best memories and test how well you can improvise and continue happily on. You will experience many more of those opportunities as a married couple. What better day than your wedding day to start learning how to have a great time no matter what happens. Choose not to let anything "ruffle your feathers."

  5. Of course, music is our specialty. We can customize a playlist for the perfect wedding soundtrack to match your style. There is no extra fee for consultation so let us know your preferences and we can suggest tunes that will set the mood and be just the right amount of time for your wedding party. Our service even includes arranging up to two special songs that are outside of our huge repertoire.

It is possible for your wedding day to be joyful and stress free. Let us help you enjoy your wedding in paradise.

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